Apr 30, Welcome to the world of Apache OFBiz, one of the best open source product for the automation of enterprise processes. I have worked on many. Apr 23, There are numerous resources available that can help you learn Apache OFBiz. Refer to tutorials from the official website that will give you an idea about basics. OFBiz tutorial that explains why Apache OFBiz is the most powerful option for enterprise eCommerce and ERP and how to begin using the OFBiz platform.

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OFBiz is an open source software platform which means it is not run or developed by a commercial entity and is not dependent on an individual or organizations intellectual property. There are no license fees and free access to source code which allows OFBiz to be what the user wants and needs for their specific organization.

OFBiz developers are a global community who are constantly developing and streamlining the software based on what is most effective for the end-user. There are a number of levels of involvement that any user can participate in on the development side of the software. Those with a large internal IT department can be involved in the whole process, i.

The benefit of this type of involvement allows the user to manage their OFBiz experience in-house, dependent only on their internal resources.

With partial involvement, users are consulted regarding new developments in the OFBiz community and involved in testing. However, they are not responsible for development. This gives the user involvement with the OFBiz process while still allowing primary focus to be on their company. The lowest level of involvement happens when a user hires apwche OFBiz developer to design and implement their system.

This frees the user up to focus all of their attention on running their business without having to worry about their eCommerce platform implementation and management.

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Users will consult with developers to create anything needed for their specific organization. At this level you still receive all the benefits of OFBiz, only you will be working with professional developers to get the job done. Enterprise eCommerce powered by Apache OFBiz is a powerful and valuable tool for any organization that wishes to do business on the web.

HotWax Media is a trusted OFBiz developer that can assist companies with whatever level of involvement desired. Call us today to find out how you can get started The way Google Instant works is by updating search results in real time. There is also a geographic component to Google Instant so depending on where you are, searches may vary.

The purpose of this is to streamline the users search experience, removing the tedium and creating a more exploratory atmosphere. One impact that may be felt is is user distraction.

Customers who might enter a full search query may have their attention drawn away at the beginning of a phrase toward something that may look relevant. This may lead users down a search path that they may have never otherwise embarked on and, worst case scenario, away from your site which is really where they want to be of course. The more intricate the search phrase, the bigger this problem will become. Could this be the beginning of a mad grab for dominance in one word search queries?

As I mentioned above, this may change the way seo campaigns are run. Along with trying to dominate single word searches, companies could also attempt to dominate single letter searches, partial word searches, etc. This places another axis on the graph of search engine ranking. What up until now has been a vertical ranking system now has an element of time introduced.

No one knows for sure how this will impact web site traffic, at this point we can only speculate. It would be wise to closely measure your sites metrics in the coming weeks though. Strategies may need to be changed and some great opportunities may arise as well.


Contact us today to find out more about what we offer. By downloading OFBiz Complete distribution you can get up and running by following these simple instructions. You are now running OFBiz on a Java database. For a platform that will meet your needs large or small and grow with your company, OFBiz is the way to go! OFBiz Tutorial discussing digital media piracy as it relates to enterprise eCommerce.

Digital piracy originated with the popularity of the media sharing website Napster. This battle has fueled innovation in methods of digital content transfer. The pirates continue to find safe havens where they can operate and those that download rarely get prosecuted.

This begs the question of how effective any legal solution could ever be? Most individuals that illegally download media are not criminals, they are simply individuals who want to access media in an easy and effective manner.

When trying to procure this media through legal avenues, they cannot get the media they desire. This is largely due to disagreements between companies that own the property and companies that distribute it. New items are not available fast enough, if at all and the cost for these items is set higher than it really should be. Why should one pay the same for downloaded content as they would for a physical product.

Jerry Kirkpatrick, professor of international business and marketing at Cal State Polytechnic has illustrated this in his article, The Market Function of Piracy. Either drop the price of the new product or produce a cheaper version — or be the first to exploit a new technology, something the movie and recording industries chose not to do.

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Many, including these two industries, would rather sue than practice good marketing. My thinking is that a radically different tactic needs to be take in order to legitimately profit from this industry in a manner that the consumer will agree with. Enterprise eCommerce is the storefront for this media. Digital media represents a huge potential market where profits can orbiz restored to the artists as well as the corporations.

If the leaders tutodial the industry can work together, all the way from ofibz owners of the intellectual property down to the website the offers it, we can take it back. Most people I interact with would happily pay a reasonable price for this media if it was offered in an easily accessible manner. To me this seems like a much better proposition than having your merchandise taken apahce nothing. With custom front end design, a variety of merchandising features, top notch checkout and shipping integrations, inventory management, order apacje, customer service and more, clients have everything they will ever need for their eCommerce infrastructure.

Entering the arena of online marketing can be a daunting proposition. Finding the individual or tutprial who is actually going to produce for you can be very difficult. Some will get you rapid and economical results while others may just take your money. A company that has knowledge and foresight going into a project like this will be better armed to get the most for their money.

A site with strong content is a good start. Ensuring that all of the right words are in the right place title tags, meta tags, keyword placement, etc. Now the trick is to build on this with a marketing strategy while still managing your business. Measuring progress with profits is an obvious indicator.

Unfortunately an SEO campaign is much more nuanced than that. It can take months to refine and perfect your marketing strategy before results translate into dollars and cents. PageRank is the probability that a random web surfer will land on a odbiz page. High page ranks can also be determined by the amount of other pages linking to it and the quality of those other pages.


Now we understand that a high page rank will increase a pages visibility ofiz search engine results. So the first step is to create a page which outranks the competition. To measure a page rank you can use toolbars and websites that can tell you the page rank for any URL.

High page rank takes work and is acquired by getting other pages with high page ranks to link to your site. Listing on directories like Yahoo and Amazon are a good start.

There are numerous techniques to this strategy and it takes constant effort, planning and management. Once you hit number 1, you have to fight to keep it because it is guaranteed that the competition has their eye on you. Enterprise eCommerce is an exciting arena in which to run your business and the game of web promotion can be equally exciting.

By employing the correct strategies and partnering with the right professionals you just may see your business leading the pack. OFBiz tutorial continuing with use of dependent select boxes. In this post we will be covering managing Country-State dependent select boxes using this component. The following is a piece of code from the Freemaker template for the checkout page in an OFBiz Enterprise eCommerce application. This will render the Country and State select boxes with options.

With the following javascript code, we can manage the Country master and State slave relationship without disrupting any other functions.

This creates the master. The slave select box relates to its master box using the title and class attribute of elements. A select box becomes a slave when it has ofbuz class applied to it that is equal to the title of the master select box. This is executed by the javascript code traversing the DOM tree searching for master boxes.

With the apacje attribute of the master it finds the slaves and in turn created the dependent select relationship between the two. Enterprise eCommerce with Tutorixl OFBiz gives the user more control and flexibility over how their website functions. OFBiz tutorial covering the variety of third party integrations available to work with the OFBiz framework. These third party platforms offer users the ability for processing credit card transactions, fraud ofbbiz capabilities, scoring, order separation for manual review and many other features.

A number of shipping integrations are available with OFBiz. The goal of these integrations is to make the order fulfillment and shipping process as ofblz as possible.

You have the ability to tuutorial rate display in your shopping cart, automatically print shipping labels, email options for tracking and other confirmations for your customers and many more options.

Online Sales Channels can be managed in concert with your internet storefront in a single system. Additional channels are being added all of the time in order to keep up with the expanding internet marketplace. With these sales channels products can be pushed directly from your catalog to a multitude of online shops, eBay auctions created, automated maintenance and inventory update information.

In cooperation with PayPal Express Checkout and Google Checkout, you can be assured that your customers will feel confident purchasing from your site using platforms where they have established checkout preferences.

This integration is used for group and role management and authentication. With this, apachee can import customer and order data, conduct simple order management etc. This is a flexible integration that can be extended to meet your companies specific needs.