The dual 4 ohm voice coil makes the subwoofers great for wiring a single subwoofer at 2 All G2 series subwoofers are equipped with Boston Acoustics specific. : Boston Acoustics G Vehicle Subwoofers: Electronics. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Boston Acoustics G G2 10″ Performnce Single 4-ohm Subwoofer at Read honest and.

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Boston Acoustics G 10″ W Dual 4 ohms Subwoofer at

It never ends well obviously. I used to have a rockford fosgate p3 in my mazda 3 hooked up to the stock bose unit and it honestly wasnt too loud-now this could have been because of the trunk sound loss or something else, but the system sounded pretty decent.

I have it in the recommended enclosure, sealed, 0. Disable smilies in text Quote message in reply? I am not a hardcore audiophile-hence keeping the bose HU but I do want the best sound quality in a sealed 10inch sub.

The Sub ain’t seeing full power most of the time anyway no matter what your amp is rated for.

DVC 4Ohm Boston Acoustic on Memphis Belle Amp, hookup suggestions.

Scuba, I see what you’re saying. They also claim their amps acoustocs out 4 even 5 thousand watts. You simply stir it up and paint it on. Quote message in reply? I love these speakers a little more than allowed by law.

I have read a lot about putting subs into stock bose systems and did that with my mazda 3. Both are good woofers and you should pick the one that sounds best to you.


Sw Michigan Post Number: In general, I agree with your preference for a higher amp power to sub ratio. They will handle the watts or will run on as little as or I have never had a sub that could do so much with so little power.

Just use the g210–4 to set it to 2 ohms and then run a wire from your positive terminal on the amp to the positive terminal on the sub and a wire bodton the negative terminal on the amp to the negative terminal on the sub.

Originally Posted by Bucszilla. Most passenger cars probably don’t have that under the front seat. I plan to get a second if I don’t end up going to the 12w6’s. I can either get this sub and use the 4ohm load for W without putting too much strain on the speakeror get a subwoofer that has a W RMS rating and run it at 2ohms.

Best 10″ subs out there?

Good 4 or 5 channel amp Memphis Big Belle? Add Thread to del. With the sub mounted. That JBL is measured at 2.

Boston Acoustics Subs – G2 or G3? – Car Audio | | Car Stereo Forum

That looks like it wouldnt fit in a box I want it to hit hard but tight and not overly boomy. Make sure you have your gains set properly or you will constantly be blowing those fuses and potentially damage your woofer.

I would like some input on this as well. We’re all in this together! Yup, it’s roll on or brush on. Thanks for your input everyone! Originally Posted by chad My phone makes and receives calls, and can tell me the news while I’m dropping a deuce Thread Tools Show Printable Version. It’s pretty thick, but really easy to apply, I used a cheap paint brush and did one or two coats to get it into the corners. Ad Management by RedTyger.


Give me model numbers and I can help you much further. Password Please enter a password for your user account. I would love one in my civic Pelona Perres, California Post Number: I am about to try to bostpn a used box and combine that with an amp and a 10inch sub.

If not for the subwoofer, you could hose off the box if need be. That was the best decision i could have made. Originally Posted by Ziggy. I’ve been doing research on subs and keep seeing sensitivity ratings as well. This is really cool! The subs are two years old and still work flawlessly. DD’s work better for SPL is an ignorant statement. Everyone calls me a liar when i tell them that ‘2 10’s’ until they see them.

Options Disable smilies in text Quote message in reply? I went with the Boston Acoustics G http: