Find great deals for Dolby Laboratories CP Digital Cinema Processor. Shop with confidence on eBay!. The Dolby CP series is designed for easy operation in today’s multiplex environment. A variety of models provide flexibility of configuration choices from film. Dolby CP Dolby Digital Cinema Sound Processor: : Industrial & Scientific.

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Table of Contents List of Figures E-1 Control Via Remotes Connector PC to the CP Updates to the digital processing used for Dolby Digital soundtracks are included from time to time on Dolby Digital release prints, and download automatically into the CP the first time such a print is played in the cinema.

Options available for the CP include a remote fader Cat. Rear-panel XLR and front-panel 9-pin D-connector. Accommodates stereo PCM audio at 48, Also accepts Dolby Digital or Dolby E bitstreams. Dynamic Range Typically 99 dB with fader set to 7. See Appendix D for complete definitions of each format. Table 1—1 Formats Supported by the CP However, with handling, the identification may be lost.

If neither is available, close inspection of the film itself will help distinguish the various types. Digital data blocks are printed between the perforations on the side of the film next to the analog Dolby SR track. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference when the equipment is operated in a commercial environment. CP Installation Xp650 Introduction 1. The unit shall not be exposed to dripping or splashing and doolby objects filled with liquids, such as coffee cups, shall be placed on the equipment.

CP is being aligned. Dolbg an Existing Sound System If the CP replaces an dloby cinema sound system, play a typical film before you remove the old system so you will have a benchmark for comparison to the new system.

Check Bypass Supply Mains Voltage Cp65 The bypass power supply mains voltage selector switch is accessible through a hole in the top cover of the CP Use a screwdriver to set the switch to either or VAC. Figure shows the switch location. Locate the power amplifiers away from the CP to avoid hum pickup problems. Always leave a 1U dilby. Install an air guide or baffle to deflect hot air from equipment below the CP Dolny the CP is to be used in a platter operation single projectora jumper must cpp650 installed.

A pre-wired connector is installed at the factory for this purpose. There must be a connection between the ground pins at the Cat. This connection must not use the shield of the optical input cable, since doing so may impose RF energy on the CP ground system. They both have a wide range of input level adjustment, but to further extend the possible range of input levels, the two sets of inputs have different gain adjustment ranges: The digital input format Format 80 must be assigned xp650 one of the user-definable format buttons U1, U2, or NS.

CP Installation Manual Installation Interface Standards for Digital Audio There are two interface types for digital inputs using copper conductors non-optical links: Even though there are differences in the connectors used and the interface impedance, the format of the bitstream is generally the same. It may seem to work, but the results will prove unreliable and dropouts will occur. C650 one digital audio input on the CP, it may seem difficult to switch between multiple units that use different dobly output standards.


It is actually easy to convert from one interface to the other. See Chapter 9, section 9. Follow all local electrical and building codes. This achieves the required RF interference immunity.

A metal Use grounded earthed conduit wherever possible. Avoid housing must be used for all D-connectors and the shields routing signal wiring near electric motors, rectifiers, power must be connected to the housing. Dolbj is useful to develop an understanding of why the CP is aligned as described in this manual.

If the installer is already familiar with the CP and these principles, or is in a hurry to complete the installation, this chapter may be read later.

With a correctly aligned digital reader, most films will play at an error rate of 6 or lower. If the error rate is above 8, the CP will revert to analog soundtrack playback and no error eolby number will be displayed. This indicator appears if a problem is detected in the bypass power supply circuitry. As with other Dolby cinema processors, the CP utilizes a separate backup bypass power supply.

A red LED built into the switch is activated when the unit is powered from the bypass supply. The right-hand OK button is used to accept the setting displayed on the front panel screen and store it in CP memory.

Dolby Laboratories CP Digital Cinema Processor | eBay

Any changes to settings will occur immediately, but will not be dllby until this button is pressed. Leaving the current menu before pressing the button will cause the change to be discarded.

Setup Mode data port. Vp650 set-up software is available for aligning the CP This connector is duplicated on the rear panel of the CP These test points are provided to allow rapid access to the required signals used during CP setup.

Each test point is a 2-mm diameter female socket that accepts a 2-mm male test pin. The output of the selected microphone is fed to a real time analyzer RTA circuit built into the CP cinema processor or to your dokby RTA if you prefer. Eolby can be performed by using an oscilloscope connected to the RTA output test points or by using a PC running Dolby setup software.

This characteristic is used to define the standard steady-state response curve for all dubbing theatres in which films with Dolby soundtracks are mixed and for all Dolby processor-equipped cinemas.

The size of the theatre affects cp65 reverberation time, and therefore the measurement of frequency response. CP Installation Manual Chapter 4 B-Chain Alignment Check Theatre Equipment Thoroughly check the loudspeakers and power amplifiers for any sources of poor performance, using the suggested checklists below as a guide.

The following steps will cause the CP to output pink noise to the power amplifiers. The CP output levels may be set too high.


Then, select and observe the present output level adjustment settings. Press the OK button. Wait while the cp60 automatically calibrates to the room reading. The calibration is retained in CP memory and can be used Please Wait However, it is advisable to recalibrate the Calibrating. Set it to 85 dB.

The adjustments for the five full-range channels involves two steps: Turn the front panel knob with no button pressed to select the active band. The CP screen cursor line blinks to indicate which band is active. When the desired response for this channel has been achieved, press the right-hand OK button to save the cp6550.

Press the left menu button once, then move the front panel knob to select the next channel to be equalized. A dip in the frequency response will xp650 along the Frequency frequency axis of the scope RTA display. The recommended setting depends on the type of screen speakers in your cinema. If you have direct radiator type screen speakers, set the bandwidth to dlby Hz. On Press the center menu button to move the cursor to The A-Chain optical level is calibrated with the Cat.

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This film is used to establish the correct Dolby operating level within the CP Projector Clean the optical surfaces with a cotton swab moistened with glass cleaner. Inspect the film guides for evidence of cuts, cracks, surface defects, or any foreign materials that could impair smooth film guiding. Confirm that the cell wiring and connections are correct. Shielded cables must be used. Thread and play a Dolby Tone test film, Cat. The film emulsion should face away from the screen.

The Dolby tone signal should be visible on the oscilloscope. The number displayed on the bottom line represents the level setting for Left channel. It may not be possible to adjust for a null with some older slits; in such instances, adjust for a minimum and equal signal on L and R. The CP provides automatic or manual facilities for optical, or slit-loss, high frequency equalization.

The Auto menu appears first: If this procedure does not improve the response, the problem may be a degraded slit or lens damage. Use the white painted semi-circles for angular alignment of tension arms.

Make sure that the rollers do not touch. The following test setup will enable doly of focus and confirmation or adjustment of light level and optical alignment. Make sure power to the digital soundhead is provided. Power to the Cp6650 should also be on.

Open the CP front panel setup access door. LED Brightness Confirmation and Adjustment The optimum peak video signal voltage unobstructed light through the perf hole is 4 V, measured from the 0 V reference baseline to the upper trace.