and RBS ericsson RBS datasheet, cross reference, circuit and ebook pdf sybex application notes in pdf ericsson. The RBS and are Ericsson’s new, highly efficient, . The RBS cabinet footprint is the same as for the GSM RBS and. This manual describes the hardware for RBS and RBS , the. Ericsson RBS Macro system based on 12–TRX cabinets for.

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Instead it is located almost at the edge, facing towards the centre of the cylinder. The product is marked with the CE and FCC symbols to indicate compliance with the legal requirements of the region. Number of units per cabinet per cabinet: It improves the receiver sensitivity. The DRU can be configured as either combined mode or uncombined mode. A space of mm is recommended above the cable ladder to make cable installation work easier.

Remember me on this computer. Refers to a period of no more than 96 consecutive hours and a maximum of 5. Table 8 on page 12 shows an example for a typical antenna. External transmission equipment can be supplied from the battery cabinet. However, expansion to the right is recommended in order to follow the same standard globally. A closed contact logic zero is required to be below 2 kand an open contact logic one above k.

This is where the Ericsson dual duplex TMAs can provide a cost-effective solution thattime. Previous 1 2 When single-phase line to line is used, each PSU requires two circuit breakers or fuses. Full RBS performance requires no on-site manual intervention as soon as the environmental conditions return to within normal operating limits. For characteristics of an antenna recommended for typical configurations of an RBSsee table below.


Optional Transmission Equipment The cabinet can be connected to optional transmission equipment daasheet is mounted externally in a BBS cabinet.

The contents of this document are subject to revision without notice due to continued progress erivsson methodology, design and dafasheet. Keeping the successful characteristics of the existing RBS portfolio and improving functionality as well as operation and maintenance makes the RBS a very cost-effective solution for growing GSM.

External connectors and operator interfaces are located on the corresponding hardware units. Ericsson bts installation guide Abstract: The optional transmission equipment used is: The ericssob frame is used as a template to mark new holes.

DATE Space for future expansion must be considered, as indicated by the dotted lines in the figure above. Power can be connected to the base station in two ways: The RBS is designed to be transported as a fully assembled cabinet to the site. The height of the cylinder is the antenna height plus equal distances above and below the antenna.

Outside equipment is listed under optional units. The cabinet cover protrudes 77 mm in front of the ericseon. Overvoltage protection for external alarm cables. This enables the radio system to continue operating during an AC power failure. It is the interface between the transceivers and the antenna system. Earthquake Requirements If the RBS cabinet is to fulfil the requirements for earthquake protection, then the space between the wall and cabinet must be at least mm, and the space between cabinets at least mm.

Other products are subject to their owners’ trademark claims. A shorter distance may restrict the airflow.


ericsson RBS datasheet & applicatoin notes – Datasheet Archive

Click here to sign up. It can handle both kbps E1 and kbps T1 transmission interfaces. The alarm device connected to the screw terminals should be isolated relay contacts. Ericsson ‘s synchronization based BSS features ensure that transceivers from. The compliance boundary is defined as a cylinder around the antenna. The acoustic noise dispersion values were tested by measuring the sound intensity by scanning at 0.

The DXU eatasheet also provided with four ports for transmission interfaces.

RBS2206 Datasheet PDF

RBS compact radio base stations. Log In Sign Up. In reality the occupational compliance distance by the side, in line with the front of the antenna, is less than 0.

The current through a closed 0 W contact is 1. The RBSindoor applications. All units in the cabinet are easily accessible from the front of the cabinet, which means that the cabinets can be mounted side by side or with their backs against a wall. In the event eridsson AC power failure, the batteries deliver the necessary power to the radio cabinet as well as to the transmission equipment, if used. The cabinet is tested for seismic exposure with a test frequency of 1—35 Hz.

The antenna is not located at the centre of the cylinder. Skip to main content. The exact figure dependents on configuration, equipment, and site-specific conditions. Any provision of these manuals and computer .