Enterprise resource planning ERP pdf notes ebook pdf Text File txt or read online for free Erp notes for mba pdf Home UPTU Notes. DSP Scanned notes updated for 4th unit at Notes: 1. Engineering economics & financial accounting (EEFA) (MG) (MG 52) – Notes 1 -> All. Category:NotesUploaded by:Saurabh GuptaUploadedNov Course: Bachelor of TechnologyBranch:Computer Science and EngineeringSemester:5th .

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Question Bank Uploaded by: Bachelor of Technology Branch: Computer Science and Engineering Semester: Last date to submit assignment is 10th february, Last date to submit the assignment is 10th February, Last date of submission is 30 August Last date to submit assignment is 15th February, Master of Business Administration Branch: Engg Mechanics Model Paper.

Kindly solve the questions and check the answers. Master of Computer Applications Branch: This is with respect to new syllabus.

This is according to the new syllabus. Uploaded by Dhyanendra Jain. To help students for preparing final exams. Important Questions With Solutions. This covers important questions with answers that could be asked in your end term. Go through the paper.

Important Questions with solutions for End Term Exam. Important questions with Solutions.

Important Questions with solutions. Uploaded by Sanjyoti Tarai. Computer Science and Engineering – 2nd Shift Semester: Notfs set of solved practical problems topic wise. Model test paper for IT-T Practice all the question and discuss the solution accordingly. Do try these in your study time.

For the potential Billionaires Engineers. Open for potential Billionaires. Introduction to Software Testing.


Due date 15 Apr Due date 10 Apr Due date 12 Mar Assignment 2 on Angle Modulation was due on 14 Feb It is reproduced here for the benefit of students who had missed it.


Assignment 1 on Analog Modulation was due by 06 Feb It is reproduced here for the benefit of students who missed it. Uploaded By Sanjyoti Tarai. Last Date for submission: Last Date to submit the assignment is 24th March, Last date to submit this assignment is 24th March The Marks will be consider in your internal marks.

Last Date 10th Feb Last date to submit the assignment is 3rd February, All students are advised that they must Submit the Synopsis on or before the dead line dates otherwise synopsis may be not cosidered by the department.

Last Date of Submission: Last Date of Submission-6 December Last Date of submission – 6 December This is not any Study Material but good for all the students to be the Part of professional body. This is totally free like facebook.

Kindly modify your answers according to your profile. These notes for P section also. Last Date for submission is 6th September, Last Date to submit the assignment is 10th September, Last Date to submit the assignment is 2nd September, Last Date to submit Assignment is 30th August Last Date of Submission of assignment is by Hours.

Last date of submission Aug 20, Ignore the previous one format. Questions of Arthographic Projection.


To be submitted on 5 April Last date to submit assignment is 17th April, Last date 1st Apr. Notes on Parallel Projection.


Last date to submit assignment is 17th March, Two Assignments Unit-1 and 2. Last date to submit assignment is 25th February, First Sessional Notes – Computer Architecture. Notes of 2nd sessional. Last date of submission 4-Apr Assignment has 5 Marks. Late submission is not allowed. Assignments based on first sessional syllabus. Solve and verify the solutions. Last date of Submission is Feb Last date of Assignment submission is 7-FEB Akhilesh Das Gupta Mrs.

SE – 2nd Sessional Category: Software Engineering – 1st Sessional Notes Category: MPMC – Unit 4: MPMC – part 1 video lecture Category: Assignment no 1 – Computer organisation and architecture Category: Assignment no 1 – Compiler Design Category: TOC – Complexity Category: Web Engineering – Assignment – 1 Category: Applied Chemistry – Chemistry model paper Category: Multimedia applications – Unit-1,2 Category: Fluid Systems – Model paper 1 Category: Fluid Systems – Model Paper 2 Category: Fluid System – Model paper 1 Category: Environmental Studies – Model paper Set 2 Category: Communication System – Short Answer type questions Category: Communication – Assignment Category: Software engineering – Software engg model papers Category: Microprocessor – Assignment Category: Microprocessor – Model test paper Category: Microprocessor – Model Test paper Category: Microprocessor – Model Test Paper Category: OS – Question Bank 2 Category: