IRFN Transistor Datasheet, IRFN Equivalent, PDF Data Sheets. MOSFET. Parameters and Characteristics. Electronic Component Catalog. International Rectifier / Infineon fn MOSFET are available at Mouser Electronics. Mouser offers inventory, pricing, & datasheets for International Rectifier. Fn Datasheet PDF – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Fn-datasheet-pdf.

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Mon Dec 31, 3: Mon May 07, 9: I’m using windows xp and i have disabled the drive in device manager, however upon checking confirm that it is still spiining!

Mon May 07, Do you want to make it spin down after N minutes of idle or do you want to make it not spin up at all? HDDs spin up when they are powered up, even with data cable removed.

To prevent this from happening, there’s delayed spin-up feature but this is typically used to delay spin-up only for a few seconds to prevent current spike at start-up. How this is done, I datahseet the HDD remains in in waiting state until it receives a special command from controller to initialize. Your controller has to support delayed spin-up. You can even prevent spin-up of Hitachi IDE drives by configuring them to delayed spin-up.

This will cause infinite delay because while the drive apparently supports the feature, it’s not part of IDE standard and thus no controller supports it: Of course this is no solution to your problem since: First I’d like to know what you have tried so far.

They can create low-level communication with the HDD and such communication is invisible to filesystem monitoring utilities. There’s three ways to shut down the HDD: So, you may have to enable some operating system independent power saving feature.

It operates even when HDD is either logically or physically removed from the system. This feature is available in all manufacturers’ HDDs.

It’s not complete spindown but it is usually enough to make the drive noise inaudible in a system.

Did dafasheet instructions solve your problem? Mon May 07, 1: I’ve seen this question several times Mon May 07, 2: If you nuild a switch: I don’t know how to make this both simple and safe.


I would say this is a quite a stupid idea. Remember that fans only use one voltage and ground. I don’t say the switch cannot be done, I just say it will not be a simple switch you could use to datahseet off some regular equipment like fans. Fans can be undervolted. Mon May 07, 3: With an external drive it wouldn’t even be very bothersome.

PDF F9540N Datasheet ( Hoja de datos )

Mon May 07, 6: I suspect a regular SATA at least if not doing any task,would be switchable by an inline switch on the 12 v feed. SATA is supposed to hot swap-and I’d think most mobos and drives would be fine with that.

The ability to turn off a storage drive not in use is an easy way to reduce HG noise-obviously. I don’t know about the above warnings That would be -to the system-no different than any external. Mon May 07, 7: I will look at HDDScan if i want to quieten down seek any further on the main drive. Ideally in the future I would like to move the spare drive to the loft in a nas enclosure as my router and cable modem are soon to be re-sited their.

Tue May 08, 2: Tue May 08, Use a 5V relay that switches on the 12V supply for the drive. Tue May 08, 3: I came up with this kind of possible solution for IDE “hotswapping”: And also it’s still not hotswappable as even with power removed, the data cable remains non-hotswappable. I’ll have to calculate some values for resistors to obtain proper delays for voltage rise and drop on each line.

F9540N Datasheet

Those were just guesses, I have made no calculations on how the circuit should react on switch movements. Basically the catasheet for such values were: I’ll be refining my calculations Here’s a link to transistor’s datasheet: This is because data connector also has GND pins If any of you happen to be a friend of single malt Scotch whiskys, see other pictures in the album as well.

Tue May 08, 7: My solution is probably a bit overkill or simply a way to make dataeheet thing amazingly difficult Tue May 08, 8: Or remove power from that line last? Maybe I should ask people at StorageReview.


Latter might be quite a bit more disastrous. Mon May 28, 3: Say fellas, this is something i’d thought of putting a switch on the 12v and the 5v of my 2nd sata hard disk and i’d never imagine there would be any g9540n to it. Anyway, i’d like to try the software option and have windows put my drive to standby, and see what it does. But apparently, under XPs power management menu, I can’t specify windows to idle my 2nd hard drive only, datassheet not both of my hard drives?

How do you guys sort this out? Page 1 of 1. Previous topic Next topic. That said, I think if you built a reasonably simultaneous 12V and 5V switch, you could probably get away with a direct switch, Datashheet imagine there is enough safety built into HDD to tolerate it, you’ll just be running completely out of spec. I wouldn’t push my luck and try it.

FN Datasheet, PDF – Alldatasheet

Hitachi’s specs say so. Something might break due to excessive voltage difference. Just asking because there’s not too many opinions of them yet. Maybe Deskstars are really getting better. Of course T competes with smooth acoustic idle instead of quiet seeks or low vibration, so they all have their weaknesses and strengths. Last edited by whiic on Sat May 19, 6: While I wouldn’t do it regularly, I recently did it accidentally–no harm done.

I plugged the slave drive in after hearing the master spin down. My eyes jumped open when the hard drive in my hand unexpectedly spun up as soon as I plugged in the molex.

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