A Firearms Transaction Record, or Form , is a form promulgated by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) in the United States . During in-store FFL compliance review, the reviewing consultants are often asked about tips to successfully and consistently completing the ATF Form , . A deep dive into the top three most common ATF Form mistakes and how to avoid them. Eliminate FFL ATF errors – Get free online.

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The previous form, drafted inwill no longer be accepted from that point on. Anyone buying from or transferring a firearm fgl an FFL will have to fill out this updated form.

The bulk of the changes to the form are small clarifications to how the background check questions are phrased but one change stands out noticeably. As long as there are federal laws that criminalize the consumption or possession of marijuana it will be illegal for cannabis users to purchase firearms.

This supports recent case law as well. Recently the 9th U. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that federal laws that prohibit drug users from purchasing firearms still apply to marijuana users, even in states where marijuana use has been decriminalized for medical or recreational use. Other changes to the form include a new format for filling out names for the background check process.

Anyone with no middle name will have to mark the form NMN and anyone fkrm only a middle initial must mark their initial with IO for initial only.

Additionally, anyone with a name suffix like junior or senior will be required to include that information as well. The updated form also includes instructions on how to proceed if a transfer is initially denied then overturned. Legal experts at Orchid Advisors have a detailed list of the changes which number in the dozens. A listing may be found online https: The new forms can be found online on the ATF website. Conditions proven to be helped by marijuana. The FEDs do not allow for exceptions.

They will figure out a way to take your gun. Your all a bunch of idiots… their figure out ways to take your gun if you drink a glass of milk… omg….

New FFL Form 4473 for Background Checks Incoming

This is all about taking our rights. Meaning if u drink and get liver disease or smoke pot and get lung disease I DONT want to pay for it then its ok. This references to the Gun a Control Act of The same law that gave us the also has in it reference to marijuana use. It states any user of marijuana is forbidden to possess a firearm. This is currently Form BATFE is a Federal agency, and must adhere to federal law, regardless of changes in individual state laws. The enforcement of this statute would likely be used in the case of a criminal misuse or possession of a firearm, where it could be used to show that a buyer knowingly lied on the form, and tested positive for MJ later.


ATF Form – Firearms Licensing And Consulting Group, LLC

One of the acting directors of BATFE not too long ago admitted that he had tried pot when he was younger, and immediately lost his position.

In my 91st year I am probably healthier than most of you and still swim, kayak, bike, hike and work out at the gyms weight room. If you have trouble with being lawful in the USA, please buy a one-way ticket to Mexico or go to Canada with Streisand.

I did not risk my neck so people could abuse our rights. With rights ; comes Responsibility. My dear old friend. You live in the past. We now allow women to vote.

Form – Wikipedia

Blacks are free and the rest of humanity. God is the only one that can say whether we can drink, smoke, eat, and poop whenever we want to.

I spent 25 years in the military. I am 65 and I believe that I should be able to partake fotm anything that God has put on earth. And no Sir, I am not moving.

I agree with Don. But it sure as hell was not marijuana that caused this behavior. We have yet, after 7 years to have to pick up a marijuana impaired person. We recently last two years or so have run into a few heroine or narcotic users who do fit your description… Perhaps before you make a blanket statement about marijuana users you should figure out the behavior you are describing does not fit the drug…. You sir have lived 91 years and are still a fool.

Medical marijuana has done wonders for me while going through chemotherapy, it helped me gain my appetite again where all other medications had failed, and furthermore it had no THC which means I was not high just hungry. So since I use this medication my 2nd ammendment rights do not qualify? Not easy to swallow is it, those of you who want to control our personal behavior?

Cannabis and hemp are all-American. What flrm fails to 44773 is that background checks and form itself are actually infringing on our Second Amendment Rights. Guess it depends on where your at. Give me a break. Sounds to me that our screwed up government is full of it. We can list all the reasons in the world as to the what, when, where and why on this topic. It all comes down to just one simple fact.

Until the feds legalize it, it still illegal on the books. So, either pettition the feds to legalize it, or stop complaining. Whar about Washington, D. It is not state. Does the question apply ofrm those residents? When will the prices come down so ordinary people can afford a firearm again I used to buy a Steel CZ75B for Factor in the cost of materials and millions for CNC machineryprices are not really out of line with other industries. Anyone up for a mandatory drug test paid for by the consumer before purchasing a firearm or applying for a concealed pistol license?


Seriously folks, smoking pot is dumb. What is even more stupid is to allow narco-terrorists to make firm of dollars around the world and not have a way to regulate, control or tax the vile merchandise. Well said my friend. If only more people had that kind of view the country would be in better shape.

Jeff your opinion is unwarranted and flawed. Wow jeff you are a moron! It makes me sad that I have to call you a fellow gun owner. You better pray they dont start making you take a common sense test or you will never purchase another firearm. Nothing like a smoking bong and a smoking AR Love that 30 round clip in. More fun than a barrel of monkeys.

So now, I sit on my porch with my SKS, a bong, a case of ammo and a baggy of weed waiting for the social order to break down so I can start shooting what I really want to shoot. Then I passed up that whole family of Sasquatches….

Last time I went deer hunting stoned I bagged a 4 point pink buck with purple spots while he was concentrating on his PDA. Almost got a shot at a herd of schmoos, too but they offered me some of theirs. Your compound a couple old base camps I used cfl hang out at back in the mean green jungle days! Somebody hand that man a cigar. We all have to go before our creator in the end and along with his Son, they will judge us.

I love you man. How come California will have to regard the federal stance on marijuana, but not the federal stance on gun laws? This makes no sense to me. The doctor signs a paper ffl he recommends marijuana be used to treat whatever condition described on the recommendation paper. Or something along those lines. They get a recommendation so they can buy it from a dispensary rather than from some shady dude in a parking lot. No one in California has a perscription for marijuana.

Expensive stuff at around dollars a 10mg pill. Way cheaper to grow your own to treat nausea of chemotherapy. I prescribed the stuff when I practiced medicine in Calif. Of course my awakening occurred in when the light bulb went off and I got the hell out of California.

Sure like to see Trump lead the good people to take that state back.

ATF Form 4473 – Firearms Transaction Record Revisions

And it is not Addictive, Or mind Altering. Or turn you into a criminal or a worthless person. I have held a Federal Dealers License for yrs. Fodm have a C. I am a retired Roofer Framer of 20 yrs. Also built and Raced Bikes and Cars for ever.

I own my Home free and clear, Just sold a 10 Acre ranch.