Liber Niger Legionis was launched at Treadwells, too, back in the day. Copies of the very first edition (very few in number) had a red star on the. Liber Niger Legionis; The Grimoire of Pharaon. by Pharaon. Second Ed. , Octavia Press (reviewed here). ISBN A modern Grimoire, in the. Original post: kirk Liber Niger Legionis, The Grimoire of Pharaon, Octavia Press, Hardback pp. Numbered and sigilised limited edition of.

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Return to Off-Topic Occult. Users browsing this forum: Google [Bot] and 2 guests. Username Password Remember Me Forgot your password?

Create an account Requires Javascript Enabled Browser. Intelligent text drawing upon the work of Austin Osman Spare, Kenneth Grant and Andrew Chumbley to ennunciate system an original system of Gnostic sorcery.

It eschews traditional esoteric cosmolgy that describes the Supernal or Divine that is in oppostion to the Infernal. Instead it regards all that can be described or conceived as hostile or diabolical and any attempt to describe that which lbier not is seen as lkber illusory. Thw response to this insight is the Black Gnosis where the Infernal sorcerer brings realises the transience of his or her own identity and perceives the infernal nature of reality by identifying and calling forth the currents that underly it, recognising their sentience and power.

Thus the Infernal Sorcerer lehionis a mirror for that which is beyond and true Gnosis may be glimpsed. As the author draws upon the entire magickal tradition nigr Daemons summoned are tradtional however, it is their relevance to this coherent system of Gnostic Sorcery and our modern culture that is emphasised.

The author is independent and original.

Though the work of the Infernal Socery is explicity referred to as Cainite and explores the mysteries of Liiber and clearly relates to the work of Andrew Chumbley the author does not membership of the Cultus Sabbatai. After describing differnet aspects and of this system of Gnosis and magical practice 36 Daimons are listed. The nature of each, their meaning and relevance to the systems is described and their sigil given.


Each copy of the book is dedicated to one of these Daemons and hand sigilised by the author. TheOracle its very expensive Noxlux Caudaceus have the remaining 12 copies.

At least they had them a week ago I find this immensely interesting. It reminds me of when I saw the ad for the first run of the simonomicons in heavy metal which was printed in a limited edition. The dilemma is the same now as then – or rather; at that point in time there was at least a picture of the cover – now we have almost nothing to base our judgement of the value of the book upon.

Frankly I wish I were in england, so I could go have a look see.

My guess is though that we will see plenty of new grimoires emerging in the not to distant future. There are more people than ever with more information libeer ever before. And specifically from the Grant tradition I think there will be more good stuff emerging – since some of the stuff in the starfire journal has held a superb top notch quality, and since mr Grant has even written a book for those who wish to produce grimoires albeit prehaps not exactly the same kind of grimoire as the Liber Niger Legionis.

I also find it highly amusing that the though the occult is a field of science where it has been possible to conduct research for thousands of years – I mean, we have never really needed multi-billion dollar particle accellerators to do our research, so we have never been that dependant on government grants or librr technology. But anyway, in spite of the thousands of years we have been able to collect and systemize data and refine our methods most of the potent stuff in my bookshelf is from the last 50 years, most of the stuff I have at all is from the last years – and then of course there issome old stuff.


Liber Niger Legionis – Studio Arcanis

The point I am driving at is that the occult may – and I hope this is the case – be turning from a tradition driven field into a field where the most interesting research findings emerge from present research. Grimoires of today are becoming to ridiculously expensive, and so hard to find. He looks at it in particular as reified by Spare and the Surrealists and as it has been applied by Burroughs, Hakim Bey, and their postmodern magical heirs: The sigil can mediate both benign and malefic forms.

The speaker looks at the Media itself as filling the role of prime God-Demon of the post-modern aeon. The talk will make up only the first part of the evening. The second part consists of a participatory Working: This will be aimed at releasing the personal demons and ids from their bondage to the mediative matrix of normality.

Not for the faint-hearted. Reserve places in advance by email or phone on Treadwell’s Bookshop, 34 Tavistock Street Phoneor email info treadwells-london. ZosKia I hear there is to be a second printing.

Liber Niger Legionis Grimoire Of Pharoan 10/72 Occult Sigil Magick Spare Crowley

I don’t know if this will also be an issue of 36 but I believe they will not be hand sigiled. TheOracle The workshop will be well worth attending, I am confident that it will end being standing room only. Tue Mar 17, 1: